Aktuelle Messwerte 02.09.2010

pH-Wert: 8,53
alkalische Reserve: 1,8% CaCo3/kg
Verfestigung: 30%
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Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Zinn, Managing Shareholder


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Industry partners

WÄSTA Ingenieurbüro für Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik

The WÄSTA engineering practice has been operating successfully in the areas of planning, construction and international plant construction for almost 40 years and combines tradition and innovation “Made in Germany”. The engineering practice is well-known for its considerable experience in mechanical engineering, industrial equipment and plant construction, as well as in measurement and control technology, for technical plants and processes. This interdisciplinary engineering expertise led to the successful introduction to the market of the BoCo1 book conservation machine by GSK GmbH. In the meantime, the innovative range of models has been extended through a series of modular machine concepts for single-sheet deacidification.

Range of services:

  • Planning, construction and building of deacidification and cleaning units for single-sheet treatment and for bound or secured archival materials
  • Infrastructure planning for the placement and location of units
  • Servicing and remote servicing of machines

WÄSTA Ingenieurbüro für Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik
Mr. Ingo Schmidt
Mozartstr. 17
34298 Helsa, Germany
Phone: +49-5605-4260
Fax: +49-5605-7602
E-mail: waesta@t-online.de

BancTec GmbH

BancTec GmbH

BancTec has been one of the leading international providers of solutions and outsourcing services in the Enterprise Content Management area for more than 30 years BancTec’s portfolio ranges from scanners and readers/sorters to software solutions for acquiring and archiving data, all the way to complex document management and workflow installations. BancTec employs more than 3,000 people worldwide. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, USA. BancTec has main offices in 14 countries and is represented in more than 50 countries. BancTec Deutschland GmbH has four branches in Langen, Augsburg, Hürth and Bielefeld and provides a nationwide network of support staff.

One of the company’s areas of focus is digital archiving. BancTec offers advanced image scanning solutions which also allow high-speed processing of documents in high volumes. In cooperation with GSK, a completely new state-of-the-art scanning process was exclusively developed which sets new standards not only in terms of gentle handling of paper, but optical results as well: The PAS (Professional Archive Scan) process is a completely new incident light digitising technique with the very latest scanning head technology and intelligent data management.

BancTec GmbH
Mr. André Senk
Key Account Manager
Monzastr. 4c
63225 Langen, Germany
Phone: +49 163 5071616
Fax: +49 6103 5071-35
E-mail: andre.senk@banctec.de