Aktuelle Messwerte 02.09.2010

pH-Wert: 8,53
alkalische Reserve: 1,8% CaCo3/kg
Verfestigung: 30%

The unit is first set up and tested in Germany, before disassembled and shipped to you.


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Comprehensive training concept

After your conservation unit has been fabricated according to your individual requirements, we start by setting it up at our site in Germany and taking it into trial service. This opportunity is used to give you your first technical training. After a successful test-run the machine is disassembled, shipped, and properly installed and taken into operation at your local site. We offer the following training courses to make your personnel fully proficient in the workflow processes of holdings conservation as well as handling the equipment and chemical supplies:

Introduction to the workflow of holdings conservation
You learn all the steps in manual and mechanical conservation as well as the integration of technical reproduction (digitisation, microfilming) into the holdings conservation workflow.

Introduction to single-sheet conservation
You receive a comprehensive introduction on operating your custom-manufactured unit.

Introduction to book conservation
You become familiar with the book conservation process and are given detailed instructions on the operation and management of the BoCo1.

Follow-up training
According to need, we offer further training courses in the event of technical changes, and train new staff in the operation of the machines.